In Progress

Kirpich A, Shishkin A, Lhewa P, Adeniyi EA, Norris M, Chowell G, Gankin Y, Skums P, Perez Tchernov A. Clustering-Based Multi-Characteristic Comparative Analysis of COVID-19 Epidemiology in Europe. Submitted for the review.

Bakhturidze G, Popova L, Kirpich A, Berg C, Eriksen MP.  Smoke-free policy impact on the hospitality sector in the Republic of Georgia. Submitted for the review.

Bleichrodt A, Luo R, Kirpich A, Chowell G. Superiority of ensemble sub-epidemic frameworks in forecasting the 2022-2023 mpox epidemic over other time series models. Submitted for the review.

Nucci A, Bashaw H, Kirpich A, Rudolph J. Growth in Pediatric Intestinal Failure after Weaning of Parenteral Nutrition by Primary Diagnosis and Transplant Status and during Teduglutide Therapy. Submitted for the review.

Bleichrodt A, Phan A, Luo  R, Kirpich A, Chowell G. StatModPredict: An User-Friendly R-Shiny Interface for Fitting and Forecasting with Statistical Models. Draft.


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